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0t72afw20013sps Wonderful WWII Chinese Made USAAF Service Pilot Wing Shirt Size $450.00
0t72auta50007dfc SOLD!!! Cool 1950's Dodge Salesperson's Lapel Pin for the "400 Club" - for 400 Cars or Trucks Sold $0.00
0t72ema00002cw Nice ca 1900 Clan Badge for Clan Watson in Coin Silver $135.00
0t72fdg10016dpf Cool 1920's - 30's Fire Lapel Badge From Defunct Grill, Pennsylvania Vol. Fire Co. #1 $55.00
0t72hfwa20039spw SOLD!!! 1930's - WWII Springfield Armory Worker's Lapel Pin in Die-Struck Bronze $0.00
0t73afw00002tas SOLD!!! Extremely Rare & Beautiful WWI US Air Service Pilot Wing by Tiffany & Co. $0.00
0t73comn60012bmr Unknown 1950's - 1960's (?) B.M.R. Enterprises Courier Badge $65.00
0t73fcb00003huv Great Ca. 1900 Harvard University Stick Pin $115.00
0t73gmnb20001wpn WWII German Army Wehrpass of Pioneer Paul Nimz with 1939 Poland Service & Gren-Rgt 765 in 1944 $125.00
0t73gmng20026ssb WWII Luftwaffe Signals Specialty Badge $23.00
0t73gmng20027faa WWII Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Armorer Specialty Personnel Badge $23.00
0t73gmng20028mps WWII Luftwaffe Medical Personnel Specialty Badge. Salty, Removed from Uniform $23.00
0t73gmng20028sea WWII Luftwaffe Searchlight Equipment Administrator Specialty Badge $28.00
0t73gmng20029qto WWII German Luftwaffe Qualified Telephone Operator Personnel Trade Badge $23.00
0t73gmng20030afu WWII Luftwaffe NCO Armorer for Flying & Signal Units Specialty Badge $23.00
0t73gmng20031tto WWII Luftwaffe Qualified Teletype Operator Personnel Trade Badge $23.00
0t73gmng20032aes WWII Luftwaffe Aircraft Equipment Administrator Specialty Badge $24.00
0t73gmng20033opt SOLD!!! WWII Luftwaffe Ordnance Personnel Trade Badge Embroidered on Wool $0.00
0t73gmng20034los WWII Luftwaffe Obergefreiter Sleeve Rank in Salty Condition $24.00
0t73gmni20002mvd WWII Luftwaffe Motor Vehicle Driver's Trade Badge. Salty, Removed from Uniform $38.00
0t73gmni20009lne WWII Luftwaffe Hermann Goering Division EM/NCO Cap Eagle on Black Wool $85.00
0t73gmni20018atc WWII Luftwaffe Flying or Airborne Troops Lieutenant Collar Tab $45.00
0t73hfh20055hps Early WWII US Army Soldier Large Patriotic Pin in Hand-Painted Wood from Amesbury, MA $60.00
0t73hfh20056ama Cool Early WWII US Navy Patriotic Pin in Hand-Painted Wood from Amesbury, MA $45.00
0t73hfh20056wna Cool Early WWII US Navy Patriotic Pin in Hand-Painted Wood from Amesbury, Massachusetts $55.00
0t73jmi20008alc Scarce World War II Imperial Japanese Army Lance Corporal Collar Insignia $18.00
0t73jmi20008lci Scarce WWII Imperial Japanese Army Lance Corporal Collar Insignia $18.00
0t73mci10003ceg SOLD!!! Ext. Rare 1920's USMC E.M. Collar or Overseas Cap EG&A in 'Wild" Pattern $0.00
0t73mcp20027wpa Scarce 1930's USMC Base San Diego Works Progress Administration Worker Badge #'d 485 $265.00
0t73mcp20028wpa Scarce 1930's USMC Base San Diego Works Progress Admin. Temp. Worker Badge. Un-Numbered $235.00
0t73mharc00008irc Beautiful WWI Croce Rossa Italiana (Italian Red Cross) by Johnson in Milano $175.00
0t73mharc20008irc Rare 1930's - WWII Italian Fascist Red Cross Enameled Lapel Badge $115.00
0t73mharc20022crp Rare 1940's Cruz Roja Panameņa (Panama Red Cross) Lapel Badge $85.00
0t73pdgotf30001csd Extremely Rare 1940's Cuban Policia Secreta Nacional Detective Badge $1,175.00
0t73pdgotf50000spm Extremely Rare Early Ca 1950 Cuban Seccion de Motocicletas Policia Nacional Wing Badge $1,075.00
0t74aco20029cap Scarce Early WWII Consolidated Aircraft 1-Year Service Pin in Bronze $65.00
0t74aco70003bsp 1970's - 1980's Boeing Aircraft 10-Year Service Pin $45.00
0t74advf20013dfc Great Vintage 1950's - 60's Diner Sign for Fried Chicken $28.00
0t74advf20013pam Great Vintage 1950's - 60's Diner Sign for Pie A-La-Mode $28.00
0t74advf20013rbs Great Vintage 1950's - 60's Diner Sign for Roast Beef Sammy - Which Looks Like an Alien! $23.00
0t74advf20013tsc Great Vintage 1950's - 60's Diner Sign for Steaks & Chops $28.00
0t74airmi50002nal Beautiful 1940's-1950's National Air Lines 5-Year Service Pin in Sterling by Balfour $115.00
0t74airmi60012aal 1950's Alaska Airlines Lapel Pin by Balfour $95.00
0t74airmi60013oal Early 1960's Ozark Airlines 5-Year Service Lapel Pin in Gilt Brass $55.00
0t74airmi70012saa Nice 1970's Alaska Airlines Lapel Wings in Sterling Silver by Balfour $65.00
0t74airmi70013asa Beautiful 1990's Atlantic Southeast Airlines 5-Year Service Pin $85.00
0t74autgasb50009tup Classic Vintage 1950's Texaco Service Station Worker Uniform Patch $28.00
0t74cgb20002fsp Nice WWII US Coast Guard Sailor Portrait Photo in Period Wood Frame $45.00
0t74csma60002cbm Beautiful 1969 Bronze Medal Comm. the Dedication of the San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge, Original Box $45.00
0t74fdb00002pfd Circa 1900 Portsmouth, New Hampshire Fire Department Photograph $28.00
0t74fdp20001nyw Extremely Rare 1930's - 40's New York State Fire Warden Shoulder Patch $175.00
0t74gmnpg20015slj Great 1930's Private Purchase German Leather Trench Coat as Worn by SA Stormtroopers $830.00
0t74hfh20022gns Fun, Early WWII Large Patriotic US Navy 'Sailor Girl' Pin from Amesbury, MA $75.00
0t74hfh20055aps Great Early WWII US Army Soldier Large Patriotic Pin from Amesbury, Massachusetts $60.00
0t74hfsw00015tac Wonderful Ca. 1919 WWI Occupation Period US 3rd Army Silver, German-Made Souvenir Compact $175.00
0t74hfta00005faf SOLD!!! Lovely WWI Trench Art Letter Opener with 1914 - 1918 & French American Fraternity on Handle $0.00
0t74j50019vrs-CON Cool Vintage Ring Sizer in Nickel Plated Brass. Full & Half-Sizes 1 - 15 $38.00
0t74mlum50009swg Beautiful 1950's 10K Gold Stewart-Warner Gauges 10-Year Service Pin $85.00
0t74omfrv70009sqs Nice 1970's - 80's French Navy Officer Superior Qualification Submariner Badge $45.00
0t74pmpn70001prb Large, Beautiful, & Rare Nov. 6, 1971 NYC Peace March/Rally Badge Sponsored by NPAC $85.00
0t74scg20002sss Nice WWII Era Girl Scouts Senior Service Scout Rank Patch $45.00
0t74soco50003tbp 1950's Vintage UK Transatlantic Brides & Parents Assoc. Member Badge $28.00
0t74uai20202bmb SOLD!!! Rare WWII Belgian-Made United States Army Captain Bars


0t74uaimi10006orc Beautiful 1930's US Army Officers' Reserve Corps Deco Enameled Pocket Badge with 10-Year Bar $115.00
0t74uap20002mba SOLD!!! Rare WWII 109th Medical BN Theater Made Arc & 34th Division Patch


0t74usnpg20010eib SOLD!!! Simply Elegant & Beautiful WWII US Navy Sterling ID Bracelet with CPO Emblem $0.00
0t75aco10015hwp Beautiful, but Tiny "H" Aviation Co. Lapel Pin, Un-ID'd. 1930's? Hughes? $115.00
0t75aco20000wfp Scarce WWII Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Co. Factory Worker Patch $85.00
0t75aco20000wmf Scarce WWII Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Co. Factory Worker Patch. Used and Slightly Worn $75.00
0t75aco50006dac SOLD!!! Cool Vintage 1957 Cold War Era Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc. Employee Photo ID Card $0.00
0t75aco70002mca SOLD!!! Great Space-Race Era 1970's McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Co. (Now Aerospace) Photo ID Badg $0.00
0t75afp20003trw Rare WWII USAAF Tech Rep Patch on Wool Felt - Only One I've Owned $235.00
0t75afp20008eal SOLD!!! Rare Variant UK-Made USAAF 8th AF D-Day Era Shoulder Patch $0.00
0t75afp20008fer Scarce D-Day Era UK-Made USAAF 8th Air Force Fully Embroidered Shoulder Patch $115.00
0t75afp20008ssp Salty Early WWII USAAF 8th Air Force 'Clipped Wing' Shoulder Patch $85.00


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