We are always looking to purchase or trade for the following items for resale and our personal collections (Items in BOLD are especially sought):


2. WW1 US Aviation Insignia, WINGS, Uniforms, Posters, Aircraft Parts, etc. & especially AERO SQUADRON BADGES.

3. WW2 and earlier Scarce / Rare / Variant US Aviation Wings & Badges.

4. US AAF/Air Force, Navy, USMC squadron patches Korean War & earlier.

5. WWI and earlier Foreign Aviation Wings & Badges, from all countries: Allied and Central Powers.

6. Older ARIZONA Lawman, Police, and Fire Badges. Especially 1910’s & earlier, but up through the 50’s / 60’s.

7. Patches, pins, bracelets, etc. relating to the CBI Theater in WW2, especially aviation related.

8. US Army Air Forces Theater made Distinctive Insignia.

9. Old Western Lawman Badges 1910’s & earlier & Old Federal & State Law Enforcement Badges 1930’s & earlier.

10. WW2 and earlier Foreign Aviation Wings & Badges.

11. US Air Force, US Navy, and USMC Theater made squadron patches from the Vietnam War.

12. 1990’s & older US & Foreign Airline Wings, Hat Badges, & Lapel Pins.

13. Old Police & Fire Badges (1950’s & earlier for Police, 1910’s & earlier for Fire)

14. Northwest Coast Indian Art, 1930’s & earlier.

15. Pre-WW2 Airline & Travel posters.

16. 1950’s-70’s men’s wrist watches. Sports, Diving, Chronograph, etc.

17. Southwest American Indian pottery 1930’s & earlier.

18. American Indian Art pre-1900.

19. Arts & Crafts / Mission period Furniture, Lighting, Pottery, & Accessories.