Beautiful Mid-Late 1950's US Overseas Airlines Captain Wing from Airline Founder's Estate by Balfour

Beautiful Mid-Late 1950's US Overseas Airlines Captain Wing from Airline Founder's Estate by Balfour

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ARTIFACT: This is a beautiful mid-late 1950's US Overseas Airlines (USOA) Captain wing in sterling by Balfour. The airline was founded by dentist, Dr. Ralph Cox who earned his pilot's license flying for the NAVY in WWII. Originally known as Ocean Air Tradeways, Dr. Cox changed the airline's name in 1950 to United States Overseas Airways (USOA). During the early 1950's USOA did not have scheduled flights. Instead, its non-schedule status allowed it to fly several civilian and military operations - including aiding in transport during the Korean War, lending its support towards the creation of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) project, and operated flights worldwide for the Military Air Transport System (MATS). It operated this way for many years before it began scheduled service in 1959.

This example came from the estate of the airline's founder Dr. Ralph W.E. Cox along with a Pilot wing and Cox's USN Pilot wing. (see links below)

VINTAGE: Circa mid-late 1950's

SIZE: Approximately 2-3/4" x 15/16"


ATTACHMENT: Horizontal pin with drop-in locking swivel catch.

MARKINGS: "LGB" (Balfour maker mark) "STERLING"

ITEM NOTES: This is from an airline collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. VBEJX16 LHIEX12/16

CONDITION: 8+ (Excellent+): The wing shows minor wear, much of the plated details remain intact, overall excellent condition.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.