WWII UK RAF & FAA Emergency Flying Ration MkII Tin. No Contents.

WWII UK RAF & FAA Emergency Flying Ration MkII Tin. No Contents.

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ARTIFACT: WWII United Kingdom Royal Air Force (RAF), Fleet Air Arm (FAA) Emergency Flying Ration MkII Tin. The lid of the tin reads: "EMERGENCY FLYING RATION MkII A M REF. No. 27P/7 READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY". The underside of the tin lists the contents, but oxidation makes it difficult to read. The underside of the lid shows: "READ CAREFULLY" and below reads: "The DINGHY RATION (one tin food, 4 cans WATER per man) is designed to keep you going until you obtain other assistance. Care of the water ration is of the greatest importance. Water should be preserved until you are really thirsty and should be used sparingly. Hold it in the mouth for a time, gargle with it, and swallow slowly. It can be measured in the graduated drinking cup provided. NEVER DRINK SEA WATER. The ENERGY tablets should be taken only on instructions from the officer in command. Instructions to this officer are printed on the carton and repeated on a leaflet inside. WATER PURIFYING Tablets are included in the first-aid outfit. They are for use with fresh water from a source not definitely known to be safe. They are not for use with sea-water." This tin does not have contents.


SIZE: Approximately 4 ??" x 3 1/8"

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Painted steel, rubber ring



ITEM NOTES: This is from a WWII aviation collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. MEX15 LDEX7/15 SDEX6/18

CONDITION: 5+ (Fine-): The ration tin shows heavy wear and oxidation, tin contains no contents.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.