WWII Japanese Personal Flag of Hiroshi Inoue Rare High Quality Translucent Silk in Exc Condition

WWII Japanese Personal Flag of Hiroshi Inoue Rare High Quality Translucent Silk in Exc Condition

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ARTIFACT: This is a Hiroshi Inoue's personal flag during World War II. Uses Rare High-quality silk. Totale18 people signed it and 8 slogans are on it. Probably, Mr. Inoue worked for Tokyo Medical Suture Needle Industry Co., Ltd so that the reason to received such a rare high-quality Silk Flag. On this flag is "Harikire Edo-ko" slogan is on it that shows Mr. Inoue is from Tokyo Japan, and has hidden meaning that Stick to your commitment. Overall, this is very Unusual meaningful slogans and very rare high-quality silk flag.

盡忠報國  Loyalty to the Country

祝出征 井上 Congratulations on the departure Mr. Inoue (Family Name) Minoru (First Name)

悠々之人義に生く Live in Dignity

敢闘祈る Pray for Courage

池田 信寺 Ikeda (Family Name) Shinji (First Name)

西田 一 Mr. Nishida

西田 寿子  Mrs. Nishida Toshiko

永島 虎雄  Mr. Nagashima Torao

橋場乃  Mr. Hashibano

佐々木 長五郎 Mr. Sasaki Chogoro 

佐? 房男 Mr. Sa? Fusao

東原 邦男 Mr. Higashihara Kunio

宮下 実 Mr. Miyashita Minoru

長谷川 好次郎 Mr. Hasegawa Kojiro

和田 文七郎 Mr. Wada Bunshichiro

西田 豊一  Mr. Nishida Toyokazu

田口 一男 Mr. Taguchi Kazuo


池田 進 Mr. Ikeda Susumu

南雲 栄治郎 Mr. Nagumo Eijirō

ハリキレ江戸っ子 "Harikire Edo-ko": Stick to Your Commitment

長谷川 Mr. Hasegawa

林 金太郎 Mr. Hayashi Kintaro


意氣沖天 Enthusiasm


東京醫科縫合針工業有限会社 Tokyo Medical Suture Needle Industry Co., Ltd.

VINTAGE: World War II.

SIZE: Approximately 27" in height x 41-1/8" in length.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Rare High-quality silk, Leather and ink.

ATTACHMENT: Leather tabbed corners, No strings.


ITEM NOTES: This is from a Japanese collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. VAEFM22 LDGEX11/03/22

CONDITION: 8 (Excellent): The flag shows minor wear, and many tiny holes, and Leather tabbed corners are supple. Overall, it's in beautiful flag.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.