Wonderful Old Pendleton Police Badge OREGON? 1870's? 80's? 90's? Western Look

Wonderful Old Pendleton Police Badge OREGON? 1870's? 80's? 90's? Western Look

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ARTIFACT: Wonderful, old (1870's? 1880's? 1890's?) Pendleton Police Badge with a unique-type of & point circle star in the center and all hand engraved lettering and embellishments. The "A.P." in the center could be original wearer's initials, or could stand for Auxiliary Police or Auxiliary Patrol or??? Surrounding the raised star in the center are the words: "PENDLETON POLICE". The star pattern is reminiscent of mid-19th century New York City badges. 

Time to start pricing these great old "UNKNOWN" artifacts. I am going to price this badge high, as if it is from Oregon, but if someone can present proof of it being from another state I will adjust the price accordingly. 

This beautiful Old badge is from ONE of the Pendleton cities or towns in the following states. I have added notes as to the potential, or lack thereof, after each state. 

Arkansas Not likely. Tiny little "populated place", probably has never had a Police Department. Style unlikely also. 

Indiana Possible. Town has a decent population, asd was incorporated in 1854. Unknown if this is a badge style that would be from Indiana. 

Kansas Not likely. Can find no record of the town, once in Miami County, so not likely it had a Police Department. Not a typical Kansas badge style. 

Kentucky Not likely. Tiny little "populated place", probably has never had a Police Department. Style unlikely also.

Missouri Slim possibility. Tiny village, used to have a Post Office. Not sure if it ever had a Police Department. Not sure about the badge style seeing use in Missouri. 

New York Possible. Sizeable, old, town near Buffalo. No Police Department now, but could have had one in the past, and badge style is a possibility for New York 

North Carolina Not likely. Tiny unincorporated community. Unlikely it has ever had a Police Department. Badge style not a good fit for NC. 

OREGON High Possibility. City was named in the late 1860's, and had a large population by the 1880's (incorporated in 1880). I can't find an exact beginning date for the police department, but it could be as early as the 1880s, maybe even earlier. 

South Carolina Slight Possibility. But was a very small community around the time this badge would have been made, and it si not likely the Police department there goes back that far. 

Texas Not Likely. Small, unincorporated community, probably has never had a Police Department. 

VINTAGE: Circa 1870's? 1880's? 1890's?

SIZE: Approximately 2" in diameter.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Nickel plated nickel, with a brass pin and steel hinge pin and C catch (possible repairs)..

ATTACHMENT: Vertical kick pin with 'C' catch.


ITEM NOTES: This is from a collection of unidentified items which we will be listing more of over the next few months. Item will not be sold until identified. VAJJX15 LX4/15 SLBBGEX05/02/20

CONDITION: 7+ (Very Fine+): Badge shows moderate to heavy wear and an old repair of the catch in steel, much of the plating details remain intact.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.