THE Badge from HELL...California...Police Chief ca 1958 The ONLY Badge Extant from that Locale

THE Badge from HELL...California...Police Chief ca 1958 The ONLY Badge Extant from that Locale

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What we have here is the ONLY Police Badge from the town of Hell, California. IT is in the rank of Chief, the only rank that existed in the one-man Police Force of the Town. 

Hell was a SMALL town in Riverside County, California, approximately 30 miles west of Blythe, CA, on Interstate 10.
Hell was founded by Charles Carr in 1954. As of 1958 Carr, his wife, and their ten-year-old son Terry were the only inhabitants. Charles Carr served as the lone member of Hell's Chamber of Commerce. He was also the Mayor of Hell, and, the Chief of Police. Here we have his badge. The ONLY badge from Hell California. If you want a badge form EVERY City & Town in California, this is the ONLY badge that exists from the Town of Hell. 

Hell was abandoned in the late 1950s or early 1960s when it was isolated by the construction of U.S. Route 60 and U.S. 70. Its remains were demolished and burned by the California State Division of Highways in late 1964 to make way for what would eventually become Interstate 10. Before its demise, Hell had a service station, a beer tavern, and a good supply of drinking water.

The badge appears to be manufactured by Blackinton, but unmarked. It was probably ordered from a uniform store in Blythe, or somewhere west of the town. The badge has hand stamped lettering, a gold wash on a nickel base, and has an applied hard fired multi-colored California State Seal at center. 

VINTAGE: Circa Late 1950's.

SIZE: Approximately 3" in height x 1-13/16" in width.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Gold Wash on Nickel base, with hard fired multi-colored California State Seal at center and Stamped lettering.

ATTACHMENT: Vertical kick pin with drop in locking catch.


ITEM NOTES: This is from a police and law enforcement collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. MAEEM23 LBBGEX11/09/23 SBAIJX11/12/23

CONDITION: 7- (Very Fine-): The badge shows light to moderate wear to thin gold wash on front adds a two-tone effect, but more importantly shows that this badge was actually duty worn during the town's short existence.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.