Rare WWII Junkers Flugzeuge U(nd) Motorenwerke A.G. Tool or Part Tag

Rare WWII Junkers Flugzeuge U(nd) Motorenwerke A.G. Tool or Part Tag

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Product Description


ARTIFACT: Rare WWII Junkers Flugzeuge U(nd) Motorenwerke A.G. tool or part tag in painted, wartime zinc. The tag shows the number: "244" stamped in the center with black painted detail and below the letter: "F" in raised detail. The outer edge reads: "JUNKERS FLUGZEUG-u. MOTORENWERKE A.- G." Hugo Junkers was an artist and inventor known for the first all-metal aircraft, designed and built during WWI. He was also an entrepreneur who founded an airline in the early 1920's which gained global importance before its demise. Hugo Junkers was most widely known as an aviation manufacturer. Junkers developed the first three and four engine planes, the first diesel engine, and the Junkers W 33 successfully claimed the first non-stop Atlantic crossing from east to west. Junkers fell into hard times in the 1930's with a bankruptcy in 1932, and in 1933 Hugo Junkers was forced out of his own business by the Nazi's as his patent rights were dissolved and more than half of the company shares were appropriated to the Ministry of Aviation. He died shortly after in 1935.


SIZE: Approximately 1-9/16" in diameter

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Stamped, wartime zinc, paint



ITEM NOTES: This is from German aviation collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. MBJX16 LBBEX9/16

CONDITION: 8 (Excellent-): The tag shows minor wear, nearly all of the painted details remain intact, overall excellent condition.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.