OutStanding WWII 8th AF POW Grouping with SIX POW Camp made Aviator Badges

OutStanding WWII 8th AF POW Grouping with SIX POW Camp made Aviator Badges

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ARTIFACT: This is an Outstanding World War II 8th Air Force POW Grouping with SIX POW Camp made Aviator Badges.

8th Air Force POW grouping. This B-24 bombardier, Alfred G. Van Dame, was shot down in December of 1943. In addition to his wings and collar insignia are six full sized POW made lead wings. These were made by POW by using foil from cigarette packages. They worked the foil into the wing to make a mold. Then lead solder from cans was collected, melted and poured into the mold. The Bombardier has his details scratrched into the reverse. Grouping includes a sweetheart wing and two tiny aircraft also made in the same manner. A POW wrist ID bracelet and Stalag I dog tag compleate the package.

SIZE & Attachement: 
Celluloid Badge: Approximately 2-3/4" in width x 1-13/16" in height / Celluloid and tin, with brass pin
Sweetheart wing: Approximately 1-7/16" in width x 3/8" in height / Sterling silver, with Horizontal come-under locking catch.
POW made airplane model: Approximately 1-1/4" in width x 7/8" in height / lead
Six Full sized POW made lead Wings:  
USAAF Bombardier Wing: Approximately 3" in width x 7/8" in height / lead
USAAF Pilot Wing: Approximately 3" in width x 13/16" in height / lead
All of the badges are typical size.
Bracelet:  Approximately 8-3/4" in width x 7/8" in height / Aluminum

VINTAGE: World War II.

SIZE: All of them are typical size.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Sterling Silver, Celluloid & Tin, lead / Patch: Fully embroidered in cotton/silk threads

MARKINGS: USAAF Bombardier Wings: A.G.V . 5/7/44 BARTH GERMANY BEKMEN NOV.13, 1943

Bracelet: ALFRED G VAN DAME LT. A.C. 0-735939

ITEM NOTES: This is from a WWII United States 8th Air Force POW Gropuping collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. PGEJX21 LCGIEX08/26/21

CONDITION: 8 (Excellent): This is an incredible ensemble of extremely rare United States 8th Air Force POW Gropuping.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.