Spanish Civil War Nationalist Capitan Flight Suit Badge

Spanish Civil War Nationalist Capitan Flight Suit Badge

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ARTIFACT: This is a Spanish Civil War Nationalist Capitan Flight Suit Badge. 

Not a lot is known about Spanish Aviation Badges of the Spanish Civil War and Earlier beyond the typical Pilot, Observer, and combination. There are references that call the wing on this badge a "General Aviation" badge, but with a rank of Capitan, it is quite likely that this badge was used for specialists like Navigators or Bombardiers, when worn in this configuration. 

Anyway, the badge, with its Black Eagle of St. John, is Civil War period. 

VINTAGE: Circa Civil War

SIZE: Approximately 3-3/16" x 2-5/16"

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Bakelite, gilt brass, metal, paint,

ATTACHMENT: Two posts with disk-back and screw


ITEM NOTES: This is from a foreign militaria collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. VBJJX19 LGGEX02/20 SGJJX02/20

CONDITION: 9+(Excellent )

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.