Great 1889 Advertising RR Lantern & Oil Tin Tool For Sibley's Signal Oil

Great 1889 Advertising RR Lantern & Oil Tin Tool For Sibley's Signal Oil

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ARTIFACT: This is a Great 1889's Advertising Rail Road Lantern & Oil Tin Tool For Sibley's Signal Oil.

"The Franklin heavy crude district in Sugarcreek Township produced an unusual oil naturally suitable for railroad car applications after simply reducing the crude to eliminate volatile components and screening it to remove grit. A small refinery at the base of Point Hill on lower French Creek in 1864 began mixing this reduced heavy crude with a lead oxide soap to improve its performance. The product was called Hendrix Lubricator and proved to be an excellent lubricant for railroad journal bearings. The product was given the name Galena in 1868. This small firm was bought by two Franklin grocers, Charles Miller and John Coon, in 1869. The partners worked to increase the market for their product, targeting railroads across the country. When the refinery was destroyed by fire in 1870 they moved on to purchase the nearby Dale Refinery, located in Franklin. It was renamed the Galena Oil Works and for 60 years it continued to turn out quality products.

The Signal Oil Works was located inside the Galena Oil Works plant. This firm was organized to produce specialized railroad lamp and signal oils using processes developed and patented by Millerís brother-in-law, Joseph Sibley. A gifted salesman, Sibley, soon had a large number of the nationís railroads between the East Coast and Chicago using Signal Oil. The Signal Oil Works and patents were purchased by Standard Oil in 1878. The firms eventually merged in 1901 as Galena-Signal Oil. The firm became an independent company after Standardís dissolution in 1911. Valvoline bought the company in 1931 and phased the old Galena-Signal refinery out in the early forties.

VINTAGE: Circa 1889.

SIZE: Approximately 2 -3/4" x 7/8"





ITEM NOTES:  This is from an advertising collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. VEX19 LEEX04/19

CONDITION: 7+ (Very Fine+): The tool shows minor to moderate wear, overall very fine condition.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.