Incredibly Rare ca late 1920's Kuomintang Nationalist Chinese Plum Blossom or Mountain Bamboo Helmet

Incredibly Rare ca late 1920's Kuomintang Nationalist Chinese Plum Blossom or Mountain Bamboo Helmet

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This is a Incredibly Rare circa late 1920's Kuomintang Nationalist Chinese Plum Blossom or Mountain Bamboo Helmet. The Chinese copied the M1922 Japanese helmet later in the 1920's, just before things heated up between the 2 nations.

 This helmet, called the Plum Blossom (to differ from the Japanese Cherry Blossom) or the Mountain Bamboo (because some Chinese thought the vent hole cover looked like the leaf pattern of the Mountain Bamboo tree rather than a blossom of either plant...) is encountered far less than its Japanese cousin, and always they look to have spent some time underground, or in poor storage conditions.

This particular one, in my collection for years, came from the estate of a Harvard graduate from Massachusetts, but he was passed when I acquired it, so I do not know the back story. It has much more of the ORIGINAL paint than the few others I have seen, and a very nice Kuomintang Sun Badge still on front. The inside is a bit more rusty, and no liner or chin straps remain. 

VINTAGE: Late 1920s.

SIZE: The helmet measures 6" in height x 12" in length from front to back, by 10-5/8" in width from side to side. The Cherry Blossom Ventilation cover measures approximately 2-1/2" in diameter. And the Kuomintang Sun Badge measures approximately 1-1/8" in diameter.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Steel, enameled sun badge.

ATTACHMENT: To be worn on head.


ITEM NOTES: This is from a foreign militaria collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. ebay02/28/24 VFEJR22 LAFIGEX03/03/22 SLAGIGEX04/27/23

CONDITION: 5 (Fine): The helmet shows poor storage conditions , but still in shape.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.