Iconic & Ext Rare 1918 USAS Fighting Observer Wing Badge by Dan S Dunham of San Antonio

Iconic & Ext Rare 1918 USAS Fighting Observer Wing Badge by Dan S Dunham of San Antonio

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Another Wing from the Putnam Green Collection. 

I remember this one well. I believe it was the 2010 Show of Shows in Louisville. I had NEVER owned a Fighting Observer Wing, and an associate told me that he had picked one up and was giving me first offering. 

I was beside myself with excitement to finally own one of these Holy Grail exceedingly rare wings! I struck a deal for an exquisite, iconic Fighting Observer Wing made by the Dan S. Dunham Jewelry Company of San Antonio Texas. I was so excited that I shared the acquisition with anyone who would listen. I probably should not have shared the information with Putnam Green, because he made me such a huge offer for the wing that I could not say no. So I owned it for a few hours. 

It was Probably a decade before I was able to acquire another of the Dunham made wings. And although it was beautiful, it was not as lovely as this wing, with its abundance of gunmetal silver patina, 98% intact woven wool backing, and the 3 lovely gilt brass screwbacks that hold the 3 parts of the "Dallas" style wing to the backing plate. 

It will be hard to let go of this wing a second time, but I would be a glutton to keep two of them. Actually, 3, if one counts the one-of-a-kind Linz Brothers made Fighting Observer also in my collectioN...

But that tis a story for another day...

VINTAGE: 1918.

SIZE: Approximately: 3-1/8" in length x 1-1/4" in height.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Sterling Silver, gilt brass, brass, woven wool, and nickel.

ATTACHMENT: Horizontal pin with drop-in locking catch.

ITEM NOTES: This is from a USAAF collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. KFJJJM22  LAIIGEX11/05/23 SAGEJJX11/05/23

CONDITION: 9- (Excellent)

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.