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2/1/10 Portsmouth, NH Ontheroad

Well, I am finally able to edit the web site once again! Just in time to let you all know about our new posting procedure! Every Monday, starting today around 6:00 Eastern Standard Time, look for new additions to become active in the NEW ACQUISITIONS category. This week these items will have the prefix '09' in there item codes and will be at the top of the category. Next week, the items will show up with the prefix '08' and so on. 'New acquisitions' will remain in that category for 3 weeks, during which time the prices will not be negotiable. But, once an item has been removed from the 'New Acquisitions' category, we will be open to offers. We hope you enjoy our latest offerings!

In show news, the Meadowlands Militaria Show in Union, NJ in January was not very well attended: it seems as though the crowds are staying in and saving their $$s for the upcoming OVMS Show of Shows later this month.

On the home front I am pleased to announce that I finally have not one but two assistants working with me getting things back in order here. Sofie, some of you may remember her from the '08 MAX Show, is working hard at adding listings to the web site, and her knowledge of history and her mastery of many languages have been great aides in researching the French and other items on the web site. Sofie will be here through March until I lose her again to her Organic Farming venture, but she will be of invaluable assistance until then and will be back again next winter. Cindy is also working hard at researching, listing, and, shipping, and her love for, and knowledge of, history has proven to be a great addition here at FTA. With both these ladies working hard on the web site here, look for new items to be listed every Monday starting at around 6:00PM.

Looking forward to working hard purchasing, researching, pricing, and organizing over the next few weeks in preparation for the Show of Shows and beyond. Hope to see you all at the next Big Show!

Have a safe, fun, and historical February,


PS: Don't forget to "refresh" your browser to see the updated show list below!

 Date: Event: Location:
2/7/10ASMIC New England Regional Show

Holiday Inn Boxborough Wood
242 Adams Place
Boxborough, MA 01719

2/18-21/10OVMS Show of Shows
Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center
937 Phillips Lane
Louisville, KY 40209-1398
3/7/10ASMIC New England Regional ShowHoliday Inn Boxborough Wood
242 Adams Place
Boxborough, MA 01719

Flying Tiger Antiques
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Apache Junction, AZ 85117

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