Great WWII Thompson Aircraft Products Parts Box for Pratt & Whitney Engines

Great WWII Thompson Aircraft Products Parts Box for Pratt & Whitney Engines

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ARTIFACT: This is a great World War II parts box from Thompson Aircraft Products of Cleveland, Ohio. Thompson Products lent a modest hand to the development of early aviation through development of sodium-cooled cylinders, which enabled the Spirit of St. Louis to traverse the Atlantic in 1927. This box was manufactured for Pratt & Whitney Engines.

VINTAGE: Circa World War II.

SIZE: Approximately 3-5/16" in height and 3-7/16 in width and 6-3/4 in length.


ATTACHMENT: Two piece box.

MARKINGS: MADE IN U.S.A. 95; THOMPSON PRODUCTS INC. MAIN PLANT, CLEVELAND, OHIO, U.S.A. followed by additional information.

ITEM NOTES: This is from an aircraft company collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. ebay KEZAR VJX10 LDEX3/12 SLCEX7/16 TLBHX3/17 psVCCX3/17

CONDITION: 7- (Very Fine-): The box has one dent, some small spots of light to moderate wear and some areas of paper lifting along the edges.

GUARANTEE: As with all my items, this piece is guaranteed original.