Great RARE Late WWI "Been There" Prussian Air Gunner Badge by Juncker Type 3 w/Marked Backing Plate

Great RARE Late WWI "Been There" Prussian Air Gunner Badge by Juncker Type 3 w/Marked Backing Plate

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What we have here is a great, Late War, RARE, WWI M1918 Prussian Air Gunner Badge. This is the Type 3 badge, a quasi-cliche badge with the central plate, Maker Marked C. E. Juncker, Berlin. These late war produced badges were made of silvered tombak and nickel, and from wear and polish, this badge has lost most of that plating, and the cross at top was also lost along the way,  but it has a great presence, and one look and you know that this badge flew in the skies over Europe in the last months of the War. 

And, even in this "Been There" condition, this badge would be a great addition to any WWI Aviation Collection, as these Gunner Badges are the most rare of the Wartime Issued Prussian Aviator Badges.

VINTAGE: World War I.

SIZE: Approximately 2-11/16" in height x 1-13/16" in width.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: The main body of the badge is made of die-stamped tombak, a tombak oval plate is attached at center, and the central eagle and target are made of die struck nickel that was affixed to the oval plate with 3 bronze rivets. The entire badge was also originally silver plated.

ATTACHMENT: Vertical "T" style pin with "C" type catch.



ITEM NOTES: This is from a Prussian militaria collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. VAEJJM17 LFIIEX07/18/22 SEJJJX05/23

CONDITION: 6- (Fine): This badge is structurally quite sound, and beautiful to view, despite having lost 50-60% of its obverse plating, but it does appear that this badge spent some time bouncing around the gunners turret, and it took a whack on the top, cleaving off the cross, and slightly squishing the ball it sits on. Or, I suppose the Gunner could have bene a Protestant? In any event, I had to deduct for this damage, otherwise the badge would grade considerably higher. 

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.