Ext Rare FLYING TIGERS Blood Chit #0043 Signed by 38 Members of the AVG

Ext Rare FLYING TIGERS Blood Chit #0043 Signed by 38 Members of the AVG

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The Chit is in exceptional condition, as many of the first 200 are found, never having been folded or sewn onto a Flight Jacket, with only light storage wear to the front, and some lovely foxing to the cotton/linen gauze backing. 

This Chit was taken by Mr. Baldwin to the 1995 Flying Tigers Reunion in Portland Oregon, where he brought a fountain pen with sepia tone ink, and had 38 members of the American Volunteer Group present sign the Chit. Claire Chennault's personal Chinese Air Force Interpreter, C. Y. "Henry" Lee, was also present at the reunion, and he signed the Chit as well.

The signatures are as follows:

Ed Rector                          Francis L. Doran                              
Dick Rossi                         Erik Shilling                       Joe Rosbert
Ken Jernstedt #88             P. J. Greene                      Rich Richardson
Frank Losonsky                Geo R. Bailey                    Dave Harris
Chuck Baisden                  Keith Christensen             Hank (Little Ole) Olson
"Red" Petach Hanks          Bill Towery                        Ed Fobes
Irv. Stolet                            Morgan H. Vaux               Bill Musgrove
Twisty Bent                        Paul Clouthier                   Ed. Stiles
Frank Anderson                 Charlie Mott                      Joe Poshefko
Rode' Rodewald                Al Kaelin 1st Sqn.              "Burma Bob" Locke
Leo J. Schramm                "Tex" Hill                            RJ Catfish Raines
Henry C. Y. Lee                 Chuck Older                      Charlie Bond
(please add Kanji)             George I Tyrrell                 John Young

This is a gorgeous example of an American Volunteer Group Chinese Air Force Escape Patch, made even more significant by the AVG member signatures added to the back, thoughtfully in what would appear like “period” ink. 

This Chit is published on page 40 of LAST HOPE: THE BLOOD CHIT STORY (erroneously stating there were 36 AVG signatures instead of the actual 38), and the Back (signature side) of the Chit is published on page 8 of BEHIND ENEMY LINES: EVASION AND ESCAPE AIDS OF WORLD WAR II, noting the correct number of signatures.

VINTAGE: World War II.

SIZE: Approximately 10-7/8" in height x 8-1/4" in width.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Silk with silk/cotton thread with linen backing.

ATTACHMENT: To be sewn on.


來華参戰:   Come to China to fight
洋人(美國):    Foreigner (American)
軍民一體:   Military-civilian integration
救護:        Rescue,  Help
航空委員会:  Aviation Commission
宇第 號:     No. 0043

The third image is everyone's name on the back of the Blood Chit.

ITEM NOTES: This is from a WWII Blood Chit collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. CON-REB-20-23 LAFIGEX01/02/23

CONDITION: 9 (Excellent): The blood chit shows minor storage wear. Light foxing on front to small areas of the white linen.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.