Ext. Rare Ca 1922-24 Prussian Order Pour Le Me'rite w/ 50th Anniversary Crown, Sold by Godet

Ext. Rare Ca 1922-24 Prussian Order Pour Le Me'rite w/ 50th Anniversary Crown, Sold by Godet

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ARTIFACT: Here we have a fantastic offering of one of the most coveted medals in all of military collecting: the Pour Le Merite, The BLUE MAX.

AND, this is a great variant for beginning or advanced collectors of the subject. Not just because it has the crown suspension, for the 50th Anniversary of the Recipient's original awarding of the Order, BUT because this PARTICULAR piece is actually a PIECE of ROCK-SOLID EVIDENCE, pinpointing the era of manufacture, and therefore reason for existence, of this particular manufacture style of PLM. Read on...

In the area of PLMs, one term that is heard FAR too often is "Jewelers Copy". While Jeweler's copies were indeed made for recipients for numerous reasons, far too many of these "Jeweler's Copies" were made strictly for collectors, and therefore are really JUST copies. Sometimes fakes.

Here we have a TRUE Jeweler's Copy, which can be PIN-POINTED to a period of manufacture, making it Most Likely to have been produced for a Franco-Prussian War Pour Le Merite Recipient, needing a Crowned example of the Order as appropriate for the 50th Anniversary of the original Awarding of the Order.

The PLM offered here is marked on one of the arms of the cross with the 900 silver content marking, and a cartouche with the inner markings obliterated. The markings inside there might well have been the FR seen on Rothe & Neffe Orders, as the eagles on this cross correspond to eagles on other known Orders produced by Rothe.

And there is one more mark, down closer to the center of the badge, that sheds MUCH light on the piece we have to offer. Down the same arm of the cross that has the 900 and the obliterated cartouche, is a small blob of a marking, not crystal clear, but DEFINITELY the post-1921 Austrian Silver content mark of the Hoopoe bird in an irregular cartouche!

Our PLM is marked on the suspension loop attached to the crown, JG&S for J. Godet & S??hne. Also, our PLM is in the original Presentation Case, also marked to the firm of J. Godet & S??hne. The WONDERFUL thing about this is that it PINPOINTS Manufacture, along with the Austrian silver mark, to 1922-1924!

This means, without a doubt that the PLM we are now offering for sale was manufactured in the between 1922 and 1924, most likely for a Franco-Prussian War PLM recipient, to show the 50th Anniversary of his original award:

The company Gebr??der Godet & Co (brothers Godet & Co.) was founded 1761 by the goldsmith Jean Godet. The company Godet was one of the first German manufactures of orders and honorary signs in Germany. Godet became the prime royal warrant for orders under the leadership of Jean Fredric Godet. The company was known as J. Godet & S??hne between 1864 and 1924. The company name then changed to Eugen Godet & Co. The name changed again in the late 1920s or early 1930s to Gebr??der Godet & Co.

Why would the "Tiffany" of Germany, Godet, outsource the manufacture of a Pour Le Merit? To a firm OUTSIDE of GERMAN??? Let's look at the economic climate of Germany circa 1923 (the median year in our very small window of possible manufacture). From 1921-1923 Germany Experienced Hyper-Inflation. Money was being devalued by the hour sometimes, and it could take millions of Reichsmarks just buy a loaf of bread.

Now, the wealthy were still wealthy during these times, having their money safely invested or hidden in forms other than paper currency. So, it only makes sense that when a wealthy client of an exclusive jewelry firm like Godet decided to acquire his proper "Crowned" Pour Le M??rite for social or political functions he might attend, rather than try to scrounge up silver in a depleted, depressed, and constantly inflating country, Godet turned to a firm in their much more stable neighbor to produce the award, and then have it marked it with their maker mark.

It stands to reason that only during this one moment in time might a firm like Godet need to reach out to a firm like Rothe to produce this needed award for a client.

And the markings on this PLM Prove the Period of Manufacture, without a DOUBT.

An exceptional and rare offering of a much-coveted order. Handmade most likely by the Austrian Jewelers Rothe & Neffe in multiple pieces, the cross is made of two obverse and reverse cross pieces, exquisitely joined (a perfect seam runs around the body of the cross). The eagles are applied separately, and the crown suspension is riveted to a bar at top. The enamel is perfect and of the highest quality. The badge is marked to the firm it was sold by, J. Godet and S??hne of Germany, and comes in a beautiful leather and silk presentation case boldly marked by the firm as well.

This is a wonderful investment grade Pour Le M??rite. A great piece for the beginning collector of this Order, or a wonderful variation for an advanced collector of this Order.

VINTAGE: Circa 1922-1924.

SIZE: Medal: approximately 2-1/2" in height and 2" in width; case: 10" by 4-3/4" by 1-1/2".

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Enameled .900 silver in two piece construction (seam is evident); leather wrapped board, velvet.

ATTACHMENT: Hook on crown; hinge, hooks and push-release on case.

MARKINGS: JG&S (J. Godet & Sohn mark) on side of loop; .900, cartouche with obliterated markings and Austrian silver mark, all on side of arm.

ITEM NOTES: This is from an Imperial Germany medal collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. CON-CMC-MHEJJX14 LACGEJX3/14 SLFEJJX2/15 RET10/15

CONDITION: 8 (Excellent-): The medal is in beautiful condition.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.