Beautiful Mid-Late 1990s Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Officer Badge #29 by TCI

Beautiful Mid-Late 1990s Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Officer Badge #29 by TCI

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ARTIFACT: This is a Beautiful Mid - Late 1990's Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Officer Badge # 29 by TCI.

Law Enforcement Badges Made by BNB Blazer Nordeen & Baird and TCI Two Cops Insignia. From the late 1980's, through the early 2000's (and continuing to a small degree today), The 2 Companies represented in this category supplied badges to numerous Arizona & Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies, And many Agencies in Alaska, and other locales as well. Being collectors, and businessmen, the owners of the companies offered to design & supply beautiful, modern badges for the Agencies, And part of the deal was that they would then receive the older issue badges from the Departments, that they were replacing with new. These companies used high-end manufacturers to produce the badges they provided to the Agencies: Entenmann - Rovin, SUN, and V&V. These Companies also usually made a random amount of "Extra" Agency badges for the collector market. And, on occasion, they would produce Prototype Badges that were never actually worn by a few of the Agencies they were trying to do business with. The badges made by BNB and TCI are well sought after, especially because they command half or less of the the cost That one would expect to pay for a Duty Worn example of the same badge. And they are Beautiful, High Quality Badges.

VINTAGE: Mid - Late 1990s.

SIZE: Approximately: 3-5/16" in height x 2-3/8" in width.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Chrome and gold-plated brass with hard fired multi enamel.

ATTACHMENT: Vertical kick pin with drop in locking catch.


TCI & Saguaro Mark

ITEM NOTES: This is from a police and law enforcement collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. ZEBX22 LBGEX02/11/24

CONDITION: 8+ (Excellent): The badge shows little wear only.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.