Beautiful Early WWI US Air Service Jr Military Aviator Wing Later Observer by Dan Dunham

Beautiful Early WWI US Air Service Jr Military Aviator Wing Later Observer by Dan Dunham

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What we have here is another Beautiful Wing Badge from the Putnam Green Collection. This wing LOOKS a LOT like Wing #8 in Duncan Campbell's Aviation Badges and Insignia of the United States Army 1913 - 1946, BUT, it is NOT from the Duncan Campbell Collection, and close scrutiny to the image in the book, especially the US, will show that these are not the same Wing Badge. 

That said, the wing is still a Wonderful example of Dan Dunham's Shop's work. With almost as many styles of wings, shield, and US's as Eisenstadt, this wing only shares the same central shield with the Pilot wing we listed recently from the same collection. This early example of a Junior Military Aviator, later to be sequestered to Observers, this wing is still built with great care for the Airman who would be wearing it. A nicely shadowing backing plate of brass is covered with heavy wool felt, onto which the highly detailed Shield and Wing are affixed. There are a few faint remnants of the original lacquer on the wing part of the badge, but the central shield does not retain any. And the US must have been of the gold plated bronze type, instead of solid gold or even gold filled, because, being the highest point of the wing, the gilding is all gone, with only the darkly patinated bronze remaining, giving the wing a great "Been There" look. About half of the original backing leatherette remains, and the heavy brass pin and nickel findings are in prefect condition. A lovely example of this Iconic wing, especially with the exquisitely detailed wing. 

Although not generally as appealing to collectors because of their "half wing" status, these one-winged Shield type Junior Aviator / Observer wings are far more scarce than their two-winged brethren, perhaps only about 10 - 20% as many being available to the collector market. 

VINTAGE: World War I.

SIZE: Approximately: 2-3/8" in length x 7/8" in height.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Sterling Silver, Brass, Bronze, Nickel, Wool Felt.

ATTACHMENT: Horizontal pin with drop-in locking catch.


ITEM NOTES: This is from a USAAF collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. MEJJM22 LDDGEX11/23/23

CONDITION: 8- (Very Fine - Excellent): Light wear to all but the US, where we have to say Moderate to Heavy, with light patina. Wear to backing material is fairly light as well, with only the very tip at right (as viewed) worn through to the brass backing plate. If the gold was still present, or heavier, I would move this up a notch or 2. 

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.