1945 History of USS Sangamon CVE-26, Converted Esso Tanker that Served in Pacific Theatre

1945 History of USS Sangamon CVE-26, Converted Esso Tanker that Served in Pacific Theatre

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ARTIFACT: This is a 1945 published history of the USS Sangamon CVE-26, originally an Esso (Standard Oil Company) tanker. Launched November 4, 1939 as Esso Trenton, the oiler was converted into an escort carrier and renamed. She served in the Pacific Theatre, including at the 2nd Battle of the Philippines, Palau, the Battle of Samar, and in the Ryukus. The United States Navy VC-26 flew Corsairs and Hellcat's off the Sangamon's deck. On May 4, 1945, the ship was targeted by Japanese aircraft and one kamikaze crashed through the flight deck. Damage caused by this action is shown above, as well as the burial of the known eleven who lost their lives (25 men went missing and there were also multiple injuries). This book is oversized and has a great embossed "2 in 1" oil can logo on the front cover with a nod to the ship's first incarnation as an oil tanker.

VINTAGE: Circa 1945.

SIZE: 126 pages with black-and-white photographs; approximately 9" in height and 12" in width and 5/8" in thickness.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Embossed cloth-bound cover, glossy paper.

ATTACHMENT: Glued binding.

MARKINGS: Copyright, 1945, by U.S.S. Sangamon Typography, Engravings and Printing by ARMY & NAVY PICTORIAL PUBLISHERS Army & Navy Publishing Co. Bldg. 234 Main Street Baton Rouge, Louisiana (in front and again on last page).

ITEM NOTES: This is from a United States Navy collection which we will be listing more of over the next few months. VEJX09 LCEJX5/13 SCEJX08/20

CONDITION: 7+ (Very Fine+): The book's cover is in excellent condition; there are some small spots of discoloration on the endpapers and some minor separation from the spine in spots.

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