1930's Japanese Miyata Bicycle Co. Aluminum Advertising Watch Fob

1930's Japanese Miyata Bicycle Co. Aluminum Advertising Watch Fob

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ARTIFACT: This is 1930's or earlier, possibly as early as 1910, and was most likely used as a promotional piece when buying a new Miyata Bicycle. It served a dual purpose, it would have been attached to the bicycle when new as a Guarantee of Miyata Quality, and then could have been used as a watch fob by the proud new owner to access his pocket watch, and subtly advertise his purchase to others who noticed the fob. It is made of lightweight aluminum, most likely because then as now, cyclists would always be concerned with weight. And, aluminum was actually a valuable metal at the time, so would have been showy, especially when new and shiny. The kanji on the fob is the old style, which started to be changed in the late 1930's and was pretty much out of use by the end of WWII.

VINTAGE: Circa 1930's or earlier

SIZE: Approximately: 2" x 2 ¼"



MARKINGS: "宮田の自転車 = Miyata No Jitensya (Miyata Bicycle); 検査証 = Kensa Sho (Examination Certificate, ie: this bicycle was examined and found up to quality); 東京株式会社 = Tokyo Ltd,Co; 宮田製作所 = Miyata-Seisakusyo (Miyata Manufacturing)"

ITEM NOTES: This is from a collection of vintage watch fobs which we will be listing more of over the next few months. ebay MBJX15 LAFEX5/15

CONDITION: 7 (Very Fine): The watch fob shows moderate to heavy wear to both sides.

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