Ext Rare Los Angeles Police Dept. LAPD Series 2 Badge by Luckenbach

Ext Rare Los Angeles Police Dept. LAPD Series 2 Badge by Luckenbach

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Product Description


ARTIFACT: This is an extremely rare, and iconic, Los Angeles Police Department Series 2 badge from the early 1890's. It is a very early example, beautifully made in heavy gauge coin silver by the Luckenbach Co., an early maker of Los Angeles Police Badges. The badge has its original pin and catch, the catch being a somewhat unique take on the regular "C" catch, having a protrusion sticking out form the lower edge of the "C" to protect the wearer's clothing form the sharp point of the pin. The series 2 badge was only used for 19 years, from 1890 to 1909, and this badge is definitely from the earliest period of wear. During the period of wear of this badge, the LAPD numbered as few as 70 Officers by 1900, and grew to 200 officers starting around 1903. This is one of the most iconic "Major City" badges one could add to their collection, and has even a hint of the "Old West" still attached to it.

VINTAGE: Circa Early 1890's.

SIZE: Big & Beautiful: about 3-5/8" tall by 3-1/8" wide.

MATERIALS / CONSTRUCTION: Heavy gauge sheet coin silver, with applied ball tips, hard fired black enamel in the letters & numbers, and nickel pin & catch, with a brass pin in the hinge.

ATTACHMENT: Kick type pin with a protective C type catch.


ITEM NOTES: This is from a small collection of very rare Los Angeles Police Department badges that we will be listing this week. CON-KDB-20-18 MGEJJX LAAGIEX12/18

CONDITION: 7 (Very Fine): The badge really has no apologies, other than the fact that as usual, much of the original hard fired black enamel that was in the hand stamped lettering and numbering has fallen out over the years. The dark patina in the same areas helps to keep the badge visually appealing, and the lovely patination toning to the points of the star on front, and heavily covering the back, make it just a beautiful badge to behold. Minor nicks and dings lend to the story one might imagine this badge could tell if it could talk.

GUARANTEE: As with all my artifacts, this piece is guaranteed to be original, as described.