Historical Collectibles and Americana

We are always looking to purchase or trade for the following items for resale and our personal collections (Items in BOLD are especially sought):

1. Anything relating to the American Volunteer Group (AVG, Flying Tigers).

2. WW1 US aviation insignia, WINGS, uniforms, posters, aircraft parts, etc. & especially Aero Squadron Badges.

3. WW2 and earlier Scarce/Rare/Variant US aviation wings & badges.

4. US AAF/Air Force, Navy, USMC squadron patches Korean War & earlier.

5. US Marine Corps dog tags T-dated June 1945 or older (also any late 30’s USMC dog tags without “T” dates as well) made of Monel nickel, brass, iron, etc. NO STAINLESS STEEL TAGS ARE WANTED. Especially looking for Officer tags

6. Book: Officers of the Zone of Advance A listing of WWI officers overseas at the front published by the US government.

7. Patches, pins, bracelets, etc. relating to the CBI Theater in WW2, especially aviation related.

8. US Army Air Forces Theater made Distinctive Insignia.

9. Old Western Lawman badges 1910’s & earlier & Old Federal & State Law Enforcement badges 1930’s & earlier.

10. WW2 and earlier foreign aviation wings & badges.

11. US Air Force, US Navy, and USMC Theater made squadron patches from the Vietnam War.

12. 1930’s & older US & foreign Airline wings, hat badges, & lapel pins.

13. Old Police & Fire badges (1950’s-back on Police, 1910’s-back on Fire)

14. Northwest Coast Indian art, 1930’s & earlier.

15. Pre-WW2 Airline & Travel posters.

16. Old interesting men’s wrist watches.

17. Southwest American Indian pottery 1930’s & earlier.

18. American Indian art pre 1900.

19. Arts & Crafts period furniture, lighting, pottery, & accessories.

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